Fun With Picture Frames

They encase our photos and keep them safe from dust, scratches and other potential mishaps. Picture frames are available in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common. They are designed to keep our printed memories alive and well.

One of the most popular gifts to give is a photo and picture frame combination. A couple celebrating a milestone anniversary may enjoy receiving a retouched image of their wedding photo or a special moment captured on film from their earliest days together. Today?s technology allows old photos to be restored with the touch of a button, but that?s not the only way to restore an old image. Many gift givers present an artist?s rendition of a photograph, which may be either oil or acrylic. And, what is the best way to present this beautiful memento? In picture frames, of course.

If you are giving the gift of a photo, select the perfect picture frame to go with it. If you envision the picture being hung above the fireplace, purchase a large photo and picture frame. The border should be bold and would preferably match something in the home?s decor. If the photo is small and better suited as a tabletop gift, a regular picture frame will suffice. No matter the size, a picture frame is often too awkward to use with gift wrap. Most opt for a large decorative bow in the top corner, which is simple but outstanding.

There are a number of other ways to use picture frames in gift presentations, including baby photos or a collage of special memories, graduation photos, wedding memories or even a special pet memoir. Many have heard of novelty companies who offer a star-naming service. In exchange for a fee, individuals can name a star after a friend, relative or other acquaintance. These are popular gifts because not many people can say they have a star named after them. Upon receipt of the star kit, a large certificate is included. Even though the service usually offers a choice of picture frames to go with the star kit, any individual can do the work themselves for a lot less money.

If it weren?t for picture frames, our photos would certainly age much faster than we would like. Discoloration, scratching and unwanted bending would most likely be a problem. Thanks to the sturdy help of picture frames, however, our memories no longer have to remain in our minds because they can forever live on in our photos. And best of all, we get to enjoy them every day.

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