Fun Holidays In The Sun

If you are planning a vacation and dreaming of all those fun commercials you have seen with people enjoying the sun and surf, you can now be one of them. There are a lot of locations that are perfect for any water sports enthusiast who is looking to try adventure holidays.

As you begin research to find the perfect location for your watery vacation, here is a list of some of the top spots you may want to consider for your fun holidays:

Acapulco, Mexico ? Ski Paradise received the Water Ski Magazine designation of ?best ski site in the world?. This isn?t just for the pros either, all water skiers can have a blast at this locale. Everything you need is in one place, from accommodations, to the water, instructors and all of the extras you can imagine to get wet and have fun. In addition to water skiing they also offer sport fishing trips, and even land sports like golf and tennis. And once you?ve had enough sport, you are in a fabulous tropical location where you can just relax or do some sight-seeing.

St. Lucia ? A wonderful get away for adventure and romance. This island is 27 miles long and 14 miles wide, but you can feel as if you have found a tropical escape from the rest of the world if you visit locations such as Diamond Falls, the Mineral Baths, and the volcano. If you are traveling by boat, you can spot at a number of deserted beaches, such as Ansa Cochon, where you can drop an anchor and jump into the crystal clear waters with snorkel gear to see a vibrant, colorful, underwater world.

St. Vincent ? Surfers love to visit St. Vincent. When they want large waves to ride, the island is usually pleased to deliver at locations such as Shipping Bay and Lagoon Bay. For those who are fans of milder or moderate surfing conditions, stick to Lagoon Bay. The Shipping Bay surfing spots on the islands windward side are known to be much rougher rides and are for more experienced and gutsy surfers.

Trinidad ? Another location surfers in the know put on their list of places to experience is Trinidad. On the eastern coast of the island, there is great surfing at Minister Bay. Unlike other locations where you wait for the right tidal times to surf, and have to watch for the conditions to be ready for you to take to the water, this area offers great waves all day long.

Barbados ? What may be the best location for surfers looking to catch great waves all the time is Bathsheba. It?s beach conditions are a surfer?s paradise, hour after hour. The wave conditions are so predictable this is the location of the annual International Surfing Championship every November. While the area is exceedingly busy at that time of year, the rest of the year, this is a quaint fishing village, that offers un-crowded beaches where you can ride the waves from sunrise to sunset.

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