Fun Holidays For Water Sports Enthusiasts

Are you a water enthusiast? Do you need a vacation? Does sailing, skiing and surfing sound like the perfect vacation? If so, you should look into adventure holidays. Remove yourself from the demands of everyday life and enjoy the desperately needed vacation.

For those who love water sports, a vacation to you means sandy beaches, a warm climate and definitely an ocean nearby. Here are several great hot spots from which you can choose for a terrific adventure getaway.

The tropical Island of St. Lucia is a dream vacation for those you love sailing. You can sail the western coastline all the way to Rodney Bay and enjoy Pigeon Island National Park and, especially, its beautiful beach. At night, you will find a wide selection of restaurants and bars where you can take pleasure in the cocktails and a delicious meal.

Then, head off to Soufri?re where you can visit the Botanical Gardens, Diamond Falls, Volcano and mineral baths. You can then make your way to the deserted beach of Ansa Cochon designed specifically for snorkeling.

Your afternoon can be spent at the Jalousie Plantation Resort, or simply continue snorkeling at the Coral Gardenas. Then, a romantic night under the stars awaits you at the famous Pitons. Or, you can experience the natural wonders and snorkeling of St. Lucia. However, don?t miss out on the Marigo before dark where you can dine at your choice of fantastic restaurants and take in the magnificent view of the Caribbean.

Barbados, known as the ?soupbowl? at Bathsheba, attracts water sports enthusiasts from all over, including those top at their sport who spend time here training. As they do, you will appreciate the warm water, friendly atmosphere and uncrowded waves of the ocean. Bathsheba is famous for its thundering barrels and fast walls, and locals and visiting surfers have enjoyed the surfing hear for years. This fishing village turns into a high activity hot spot in November when the waves are at their prime and the small village hosts the International Surfing Championship. Surfers typically rent local bay houses and socialize with the local residents, enjoying the friendly atmosphere when not enjoying the waves.

If you water skiing is your passion, you should head over to Ski Paradise in Acapulco, Mexico. Water Ski Magazine rated it one of the best ski sites in the world. Regardless of your skill level, you will have a great time at Ski Paradise. It is the ultimate sports vacation and offers great accommodations and terrific instructors if you need to improve your skills. Ski Paradise also offers tennis, sport fishing and golf. At night, you can also experience the vibrant night life of the area and fabulous food.

These are only a few of the top hot sports for those seeking some water sport adventure. There are surely more places to enjoy sailing, surfing and skiing. But, whether you opt for the West coast, East coast or in between, you can find affordable, fun holidays to enjoy your favorite water sports!

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