For single or for sfigati there is a virtual companion

How long are you single? From what you see a girl on your bed, if only to sleep? Well Drew Burrows evidently a long time, since he is the inventor of virtual girl. The only flaw is that it is not in three dimensions , but the benefits are there for all to see, change position ee close to you based on your movements, does not speak and remains faithful over time.

La ragazza ? visibile grazie ad un proiettore e reagisce alle vostre azioni tramite un sistema di sensori infrarosso .Sicuramente non si pu? paragonarla ad una bella ragazza in carne e ossa,ma diciamocelo,chi dopo una tremenda giornata di lavoro non vorrebbe raggomitolarsi con una dolce creatura? The girl is visible through a projector and reacts to your actions through a system of infrared sensors. Surely you can not compare to a beautiful girl in flesh and bones, but diciamocelo, who after a terrible day’s work would not want raggomitolarsi with a sweet creature?

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