Flash Gordon helps the universe

Flash Gordon moaned. His life had changed a lot lately. In charge of a novel and dangerous assignment utilizing spacecraft with a mad professor and a gorgeous woman, he then was said that the father he had thought long dead was a prisoner of Ming The Merciless, a rather unsavoury guy on this bizarre celestial sphere he had landed on. After that he had taken the function of brave man to rescue planet earth, rescue his father and free Dale Arden, the woman and the real purpose of his life.
All through their adventure he had combated with and for her and they had been passionate along the way.

But now all the ardour had died down and they had changed after all their wars and began to run their kingdom, he felt sad.
What if he didn?t turn out to be the hero and solid hunk of manhood she thought he was? In the meantime he hadn?t time to offer her some romanticism, but just made love by instinct. But now the dust had settled he had enough free time to prepare his future and a new emotion had come to the surface ? nervousness.

He had just came back from a great festival with Dale, where they had but rather more unsavoury nothings) saying each other nice words and at then end as she breathily pushed up against him, he felt his love and he refused her love, saying that sexy nights are worth waiting for and that he respected her too much to disrespect her on an inappropriate day. Her sad face was etched on his mind as he sadly ran away.

?I know what it is happening, you can?t stay ready for action? a sneering voice said and Ming (who was not called the Merciless for nothing) began to tease him persistently about his failings.
With firm resolve, Flash (who was not called Flash for nothing either) sped off quickly Professor Hans Zarkof, who could assist him with all class of problems. True to form Zarkof invented a new wonder active ingredient known as generic Viagra, and then another called generic cialis, and gave it for Flash to try.

?Zees generic Viagra will provide you with sexual achievement, make you have better erections, put the hump back into your pump and the firepower back into your blaster.? He predicted, and Flash, anxious to provide Dale with sexual satisfaction, swallowed a tadalafil capsule ? for they gave his word being erected to even the most exhausted astronaut. And Dale, receiving him with open arms, soon experienced a new sexual trip ? for this wasn?t just another flash in the pan but fantastic sexual performance that could be long-lasting, and well on into the morning as well!

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