Flameless Candles, A Revolution?

Are you scared to sleep at night with a candle burning in your room? Do you still want to enjoy the warmth of the candle light? Flameless candles are the best solution for you. There is nothing more pleasant than basking in the warm light of a flameless candle. They are useful for other events as well, at work for instance where other types of candles are not allowed, when you go for a picnic or on a boat ride. Flameless candles are perfect for a range of situations, without your having to worry about the wind blowing them off or your kids getting burned. They may be a little bit more expensive than the regular ones, but they’re worth every penny.

One 100% natural flameless candles

What’s the working principle of a flameless candle? Well, that’s no secret at all. Usually made of pure beeswax, flameless candles are battery-based. The switch on and off mode is very simple. With the help of a motion-detecting sensor, you can turn the candles on or off. The light is actually a led burning for up to one hundred hours. Just think of the advantages, you can even leave such candles near curtains and around children without running any risk.

Because there is no flame, you eliminate the risk of fire, the hassle of cleanup and the cost of replacing regular candles. You eliminate the pollution, too ? leading health organizations describe candles as a serious indoor air-quality risk because of large volumes of soot.

If you think you’re going to miss regular scented candles, I’ve got great news! There are scented flameless candles too, but without the inconvenience of the slightest trace of smoke. Such candles have all the features of the normal ones but without the disadvantages. These flameless candles even imitate the real flame flickering. Such flameless candles come in a variety of dimensions and shapes: there are even votive candles you can purchase.

Price for quality

Rechargeable flameless candles may be a little more expensive, but they are a small investment, given the fact that you can use them as many times you want afterwards. Such candles don’t have a time burning limit; the use of lithium batteries makes is possible to recharge them over and over again. Mention should be made that very often this kind of candles make an excellent gift. If you lack ideas about how you make a surprise gift, this is a great option. There are plenty of online catalogues with a variety of models for you to choose from. You may even take advantage of the candle wholesale periods, to make purchases at an even smaller price.

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