Five Resons I Love Audiobooks

One of the hottest trends on the Internet these days is the downloading of audiobooks. I?ve been an audiobook fan for a long time and I have five reasons why I like them so much.

1) Audiobooks are available in many formats and thus can be heard in many ways, on many devices. After downloading, audiobooks are playable on computers, then can be burned to a disc, and can be loaded to an iPod or mp3 player.

2) The amount of books I read per week is greatly increased because the amount of time I have to sit down and read written books is very limited. Before audiobooks, I was able to squeeze in about 2 books a month. I still do read about 1 per month, but now, I add another 2-5 audiobooks that I listen to in my car or on my iPod.

3) Listening to audiobooks makes my downtime much more productive. An example is on the commute to work. Instead of listening to mindless radio, I prefer to listen to an audiobook. I work closely with my customers and I enjoy audiobooks on business and relationships. Since I started listening to the audiobooks on my commute, my productivity and bottom line have really taken off.

4) I used to do business with an avid reader who recently had a stroke. He is very happy that a friend turned him on to audiobooks. He can now still keep his mind active and can learn from books with out having to pick them up and turning the pages. His vision is also blurry so he has a hard time with words. Audiobooks are also great for the visually impaired. Rather then straining over reading small type, one only has to hit play and then can sit back and listen.

5) I no longer have to chase people down to get books back after I loan them out. We have all had this happen, you loan a friend a book and never see it again. Now it is no real loss if you don?t get back a cd that you made from your computer. Or it only takes a moment to load an audiobook to a friend?s iPod or mp3 player.

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