Finishing The Candlestick Handle

To make the handle, well, in conclusion, it’s gonna take about an hour to make the handle. The handle is ?deeply to adapt the groove which was led in the edge of the base. It is 1? round (on three sides) and has a hole of 7/8? in it. Since the edges of the hole must be round surplus I started with a piece mahogany tree which was 2? broad and 12? long. I had the diameter external with a square corner and marked the center of the handle. To drill the 7/8 initially? hole. Then, by using one the 1/8? little of round over with a guide of bearing in that?s of router gone up in a table of router, relieves the edges of the hole on the two sides.

On the table saw, crosscut the piece of wood with approximately 1?. On the end with long grain of the square corner, to put a mark on the edge which corresponds to the center of the hole that you drilled inside the base. With a ?little in the drill to tighten and a barrier to strengthen the mean piece of wood, drill a hole deeply?. To cut now the handle outside on the band saw. To remember only three corners to obtain round; the fourth corner with the hole in the place with long grain of the remainders. To sandpaper smooth and relieve the square edges leaving them where the handle and the base intersect. To put a completion on the handle, but not on the sector where adhesive of you?ll it at the base. To cut a piece of a finger to the length and to stick the handle to the base.

While this whole process seems as can take weeks with the completion given to him the special gauges and plates before necessary, it can be really accomplished in weekend. And once the gauges are built to adapt your equipment, the manufacture of the candlesticks by the dozen will be fast and pleasant.

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