Finding The Best Quilting Pattern For You

Now is the perfect time to get into the art of quilting. One of the best-kept secrets around for a long time, quilting has had a rapid surge in popularity over the last few years, and as a result, the selection of quilting patterns has greatly increased. These days, believe it or not, there are literally thousands of patterns from which to choose, coming in various sizes and shapes as well as having distinctive and original designs. With such a wide selection available, you might find it difficult to choose which pattern to use for your next quilting project.

Well, take heart – and a deep breath – and remember that quilting is an art and should be enjoyable! So, when choosing a pattern, take the extra time to pick one that you are drawn to and that you think will be a good fit for your project, as well as keep you motivated to actually complete the quilt. (It’s surprising how many unfinished quilts there are around – those poor quilters sure could use some good advice!)

Now when selecting a pattern, keep in mind the theme that the quilt is going to have. This will help you to determine which material and colors to use. For example, if you are planning to create a quilt as a gift for a small child, you will not want to use a heavy material for your quilting pattern. You will want a light, soft, durable material that will suit the purpose of the quilt. If you are creating a quilt that is to be put on display, a factor such as durability will not be nearly as important since it will not be put through the rigors or daily use. Your main focus should be on finding a pattern that is made of a heavy, intricate material and that is incredibly beautiful. If someone is getting married, you will not want to use a dark or heavy pattern. For such an occasion, you will want to use light, cheery colors and materials that are symbolic of two people entering into a life full of mutual happiness. If you keep in mind the effect you wish to achieve before selecting a pattern, it will be much easier to find what you need to create the perfect quilt.

The best location for buying quilting patterns is at a good craft store. These stores will have a wide variety of quilting patterns on display. Some of these patterns will have a picture of a completed quilt on the cover that will help you to visualize what the pattern will look like upon completion. Seeing the completed quilt before even starting is a great way to view the overall color scheme so that you can be sure whether it is the right pattern for you. With this added bit of insight, there will not be the potential for realizing the design is not what you thought it would be only after completing a great deal of the project.

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