Finding That Perfect Christmas Gift

The Christmas season is a time for families to get together, friends to call and say hello for no reason, to go out and buy that special someone in your life that perfect gift. No matter which one of these apply to you, I am here to help you find that perfect gift.

Say your gift is for a friend, maybe even your best friend and she is one of those people who goes out and gets what she needs or wants. Therefore, what do you do, how do you get that perfect gift. I was faced with the same problem this Christmas; luckily, I had noticed there was one Kitchen Item she did not have, a Carafe for her Coffee.

What if your friend does not care for NASCAR or already has all the knick-knacks she could want. Do you go to your favorite store and buy a gift certificate? Give them cash in a gift card? Nope make that perfect gift. Yes making that perfect gift can be as easy as knowing whether your friend likes coffee, or hot cocoa, maybe even herbal tea. Fill whichever they prefer into a simple mason jar, add a decorative card with easy to make directions, make a bow or add some lace and you have a beautiful homemade gift just for them.

Now what to do for that special someone in your life, a homemade jar of coffee may not be for them. Catching the hints they have been throwing all year is not working, what to do. Well how about a candle lit dinner for two at their favorite restaurant, or maybe an even more romantic one at home. With their favorite music playing softly in the background, a couple of tapered candles on the table, and their favorite meal waiting just for them. This may sound like a huge mistake, but trust me on this no man or woman would turn down a hand written invitation for two.

The family may be one of the hardest to find that gift that says Merry Christmas with love. Here is where a disposable camera, a nice picture frame and a photo of your family can come into play. You can go to most stores with a photo studio in it, and take that favorite picture of yours making it larger. Then place the photo in a frame, possibly decorated by your kids, with a simple card attached mentioning that they can make some special memories of their own to share. When they open their gift, you have given them a special memento and an excellent gift idea the next time they need one.

I know any of the gifts mentioned above would make wonderful Christmas Presents or just a way of saying I was thinking about you anytime of the year.

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