Finding Companion Pieces is Like a Treasure Hunt!

Looking for a companion pieces for your treasured item can be a fun venture. Companion pieces can also make the value of the piece, in certain instances, more valuable.

How is that you ask? Believe it or not there are certain magazines that run out of print; there is simply no archive available for some of your popular issues. Princess Diana is a good example. There were certain magazines that were in such demand after her death that they literally were not even available for the company to archive the issue and therefore the issue became a collectible at that point. Take for instance the first year of Playboy in 1953 the entire first year, all 12 months, are now worth well over $12,000.00 if you have mint condition issues.

What is really fun is to find a companion collectible that adds value, as well as a story; it just makes for a wonderful presentation if adding it to an autograph that you cherish. Finding companion pieces are as easy as going to a flee market while on vacation, a local garage sale, an estate auction or even a book store. Keep in mind the special piece that you have and start searching for items that compliment or relate to it.

Just recently Unbelievable Memorabilia acquired two very special autographs that we hold in very high regard, Sitting Bull and Anne Oakley on old playing cards that came from Buffalo Bills Wild West Show. They both have a stamp that states, Buffalo Bill Cody, 1884, Souvenir, $1, U.S. Wild West Show on one stamp. There is another stamp on Sitting Bull’s card that states, John M. Burke, General Manager, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West. The autograph of Sitting Bull is worth an estimated $7,500. The autograph of Anne Oakley is worth an estimate of $2,500.00. Both autographs are in mint condition and the cards that they are on are only slightly discolored due to their age, no tears, no wrinkles. In the state of presentation these cards exemplary. They just don’t tell the whole story behind these famous people of history. That is why researching their background and finding out about these people is so exciting, not to mention finding artifacts that can be included in the presentation. Look for the out come of these famous autographs in our June 2006 auction. Remember I started with just two signatures on two playing cards.

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