Expressing Yourself through Body Piercing Art

Body piercing is a fabulous way of expressing yourself and your personality in an outward fashion. Many individuals choose to pierce one or several parts of their body in order to either make a statement or add a unique aspect to their appearance. However, before you decide to pierce any part of your body, carefully consider the choice since this form of self expression is a bit more permanent than changing a hairstyle, experimenting with cosmetics, or creating your own fashion statement.

Body piercing has been used as an art form for thousands of years. Everyone from ancient cavemen to ancient cultures and civilizations has used body piercing to express a variety of thoughts. Some cultures, including the ancient Aztecs, use body piercing to commune with the gods, whereas other cultures, including those in several African tribes, use body piercings to express beauty, status, or wealth.

Men and women choose to pierce all parts of their bodies for a variety of reasons. The most popular reason given for body piercing is to add a unique feature to the individual. Many people to either want to pierce their body parts or have already pierced different parts of their body wish to break out of the norm that our society has set. Although body piercing is a more permanent way of expressing yourself, it can be done in a subtle and tasteful fashion for those individuals worried about how their personal expression will affect different aspects of their lives, including their public, private, and business lives.

By far, the most popular body piercing involves the ears. From simple holes on the lobes of the ears to piercings in the cartilage, earrings are available in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. For individuals looking for more envelope-pushing piercings, consider piercing noses, labrias, eyebrows, or even tongues. Just like the selection of earrings, most reputable jewelry stores or body piercing salons offer a wide variety of quality body piercing jewelry. Use different styles, colors, and jewels to further showcase your personality through your body piercings.

Before you make a rush decision to pierce a part of your body, carefully consider how this decision will affect all aspects of your life. Individuals with visible body piercings often complain of discrimination in their public or business lives. This is often a fact that you should take into consideration. Consult your business?s policy on piercings to prevent any problems later down the road.

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