Expertise tips for men wardrobe

Image is as important for men as for the women and quite more because a person is judged over 93% upon his non verbal communication. Along with the communication skills that a man holds, he draws attention with his wardrobe among the society.

Here are certain fashion tips for men that shall help you to look at your best starting from the wardrobe basics for all.

1. You should always get your suits altered by a professional.
2. Always make sure that your shirt collars are neither too tight nor too loose and also your shirt cuffs are about ? inch below the sleeves of your suit.
3. You should keep your shoes in good repair.
4. Its better to wear a plain gold watch with chain or leather band.
5. You should always wear over the calf stocks so that your legs are not shown when you sit.
6. Always wear a smile and shake hands firmly because they are the best accessories.

Tips for men to look slimmer
If you wish to look slimmer then try to wear pinstripes whereas avoid patterns. You can choose from solid and dark color suits instead of bulky fabrics. You can go for fitted jackets and don?t think of wearing too long or short jackets. Also go for slanted pockets without flaps or pleated slacks or long collar points avoiding flaps or slightly tapered slacks or spread collars.

Tips for looking heavier
To look heavier you should wear sports coats of contrast colors and avoid solid dark suits. You can also wear light colors avoiding striped shirts or plaid patterns instead of short jackets. IF possible you can go for bulky tweed and not fitted jackets or wear double breasted jackets and avoid narrow neck ties and lapels. Wear wide neck tie and lapels and don?t go for slacks without cuffs. You can also go for pleated cuffed slacks suits, socks or shoes in the same.

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