Enjoy A Colorful Wall Tapestry

There are many things you can do with a bare wall, but one of the most dramatic and eye catching is to hang a wall tapestry instead of a photo, a clock, or something else mundane. A wall tapestry can bring new life to any room and if chosen carefully can become the focal point of an entire area.

These works of art in design have been around for centuries and come from all parts of the world. They usually combine complex shapes and colors, which represent various aspects of nature, culture, history and religion. The ancient Celtic varieties, among our most popular, can be simply amazing in their intricate weave of legends. The Celtic patterns are a popular choice for many people, but the choices do not end there.

As well as the ever popular Celtic designs we offer batik wall tapestry. Batik is a method, which uses both wax and dyes in order to create a stunning image. This method is always done by hand and no two are ever alike. This method was developed by the Indonesians and is centuries old. It is still practiced today in some cultures.

Other off-shoots to the more usual types of wall hangings are in the metaphysical, celestial and, ethnic wall tapestry. Many of these designs have gained a lot of popularity over the last two decades, and while they claim to have their own individual sense of style, they are still breathtaking and can make unique d?cor in any home or office. And let?s not forget the old tie dye wall tapestry from not so long ago. These, too, can be colorful and interesting and they are certainly unique.

Our products are focused on unique quality for a price everyone can afford. Any home or office will come to life just by adding a carefully chosen wall tapestry or two. And when it comes to price, you can own one or more for much less than most people think. In many cases, you can pick something up that is high quality and handcrafted for very little.

As you can see, there are literally dozens of various methods to choose from in this field. At Full Moon Loom we offer something for everyone. We hope to inspire your imagination and creativity.

One quick way to learn more about the many fascinating art forms in wall tapestry is to visit Full Moon Loom. Their website http://www.fullmoonloom.com is full of information on the various designs and styles.

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