Embroidery Cards Make Needlework Much Simpler

If you want to start an embroidery project but have no idea as to what design you will create, have no worries. All you need to do is go to your nearest embroidery supply shop and buy some embroidery cards to help you start on your needlework.

Embroidery cards are simply patterns that you can copy onto your fabric to create fabulous designs. Once you have traced the pattern onto your embroidery cloth, all you have to do is start stitching and soon you will have a finished product fit to frame and mount on the wall.

Whether you want to do your embroidery by hand or with the help of a machine, the embroidery cards will surely be helpful in making you create a perfect design.

There are two main kinds of embroidery ? surface embroidery and canvass work. Surface embroidery is where you stitch the pattern on top of the fabric, whereas canvass work means the thread is stitched all the way to the back of the fabric. There are embroidery cards available for these two kinds of embroidery.

There are also different kinds of embroidery cards for free embroidery and counted embroidery. You should therefore decide on the kind of needlework you want to start on before buying embroidery cards for it.

One of the best places to avail of embroidery cards is at a website called http://BabyLock.com. They have seven different collections of embroidery cards with tons of designs in each collection. To give you an idea of their available designs, take a look at a description of their collections:

1. Childhood Memories ? Images from this collection will serve as reminders of your own childhood. These designs are great for decorating your children?s pillows as well as for gift items for loved ones.

2. Frosty Wishes ? You can frame these designs and mount them during the holidays to add to the festive mood in your home. They are also a practical Christmas gift to family and friends.

3. Lace ? These embroidery cards give you great ideas for embellishing clothes such as christening dresses that are meant to be kept as mementos for a very long time.

4. Butterfly Scenes ? These designs are nice for nature lovers. They will put you in a very relaxed mood anytime.

5. Song Birds ? Embroidery cards in this collection are very popular with mothers who wish to decorate their little girls? rooms.

6. Playful Pets ? Cute and cuddly puppies and kittens are the focus in this collection. These designs will definitely be pretty for your home, especially if you are an animal lover.

7. Horatio ? This is another cute embroidery cards collection featuring the adorable little bears of renowned painter Michael Adams. Again, this design is very nice for a child?s room or a baby?s nursery. Many people today simply do not have the time to spend long hours on a single project, so hand embroidery is not quite as popular as machine embroidery.

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