Electrinic Picture Frames

Electronic picture frames have more features than you will probably ever use. Many come with a remote that makes it really easy to navigate through your pictures and change settings. Sometimes you need to resize your photos or they will take a longer time to display on the frame. I find that resizing pictures to 25% of their original size works best. The software that came with my camera allowed me to edit the photo size easily. Changing the photo size is not necessary, however, because most electronic picture frames will process any size photo you give it and display it perfectly in the picture frame. Resizing simply allows the slide show to move along more quickly and it allows you to put about 10 times more pictures on your memory card.

Some brands of picture frames come with a music feature. Simply put the music files you want on the memory card with your photos. Put the card in the frame,turn the frame on and your slide show begins playing with background music.

It should be mentioned that while the picture quality is not as good as a high definition LCD flat screen, I find it to be very good and clear. It is very easy to see facial expressions and even many small details.

Not all electronic picture frames come with there own memory card. Some versions have memory slots where you plug your cameras memory card into the frame. This would be something to consider when buying this type of picture frame for a gift as you would have to buy an atiquate memory card.

There are many additional features that can be found when shoping for the perfect electronic picture frame. My favoites are the frames that come with interchangeable frame face plates. This is very decorator friendly for matching a frame to any room design.

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