E-Photo Albums

Grandma might be the one doing the whining, if you have just graduated but your happy pictures can only be found online. Printing out multiple copies of your digital images and then having to assort them, before you have to sit down to create a photo-album that included dates, nametags, and even exam notes, seems like a big hassle. But then again, sending only a couple of hard copies to your mom or best-friend for them to use and decorate their fridge area, will not bring smiles to that poor grandma who wants a chance to show how proud she is of your accomplishment and she also wants to feel special. So, if your graduation, bachelors, wedding, baby, birthday, summer, camping, pool, pictures are corny enough for you to share them with friends by uploading them online in distant servers, why not taking the same amount of time to electronically create a photo-album everyone will cherish for years to come?

It is about time we face it. Although the original idea of pressing some buttons to produce a clear copy of the digital images stored in a computer’s memory seemed extremely hassle-free at the beginning, the truth is that the more you use your digital picture the more digital pictures stay in that computer’s memory for a long time. But storing them in a hard drive at home or online, does not permit everyone that wishes to view them to be able to do so, since not everyone knows how to log on to the Internet, if in fact an internet connection is available, or how to view and download their photograph copies from your choice of online image hosting server.

As a result, more and more people have decided today to return to using more old-fashioned ways in order to present their choice of digital photographs to their beloved ones. Creating an electronically made photo-album and then sending its hard copy to the homes of family members and friends, constitutes a lovely and thoughtful action. In fact, by creating a variety of photographically embellished products, communicating feelings and thoughts is easily done and much less time-consuming. Interested individuals are able to upload their digital images to some of these online image servers (image banks) and then select and create their choice of personalized mug, book cover, bag, t-shirt, and of course, photo-album. Reliving the excitement one once felt, when the local photographer called to inform that the prints outs of that trip’s pictures were finally ready, seems today to excite a great number of technology enthusiasts. With the ready-to-use image software of websites like Shutterfly, Photoworks, and Kodak EasyShare, producing a personalized photo-album version can be a fun as well as an instructive experience. So, get started by selecting your theme and photo-album design template. Choose colors, textures and captions if you wish and send your lovely grandma her much-deserved copy of photographs. You better hurry up as time is ticking and you will soon be picking up the phone trying to figure out how to answer those “you’ve-forgotten-all-about-me” arguments.

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