Drilling The Top Of A Candlestick

My tool preferred for this is Skewchigouge by Crown Tools, who can function because an oblique graver and a gouge. The profile should start ?starting from the edge and the major point of the dish should be 3/8?, approximately 1-7/16? starting from the external edge. The bottom of the stick achieves the dish, thus to move in the two directions of the base to the stick is necessary to obtain the good profile (17). Before leaving the base, round above the edge. The round over of lower part is completely not very deep because of the cone.

The round over of top should be a profile liking it of the ends in a point on the face where the profile of dish started. To move again with the stick and to turn an approximate profile of the cup of candle, then to use a median tool to turn the ?sector of pearl below cup to? diameter (18). Now to mark the center of the nozzle of birds and to turn the lower part, fraying it with the lower pearl. A profit, I employed my Skewchigouge for this. Then completion turning the profile. The top of the candlestick does not need to be flat. I used a median tool to leave furtively inside around the center phase on the tail stock and to fray it approximately of 1/16? starting from the edge also with narrowly which I could obtain in the center of phase without metal running against metal.

The cone that I put the top is lit very light, beginning approximately 1/16? starting from the edge, approximately 1/16? deeply to 3/8? starting from the edge. This leaves with a lip punt on the top the same size as Florida with the part on the side of the cup of candle at the higher edge even. To sandpaper your candlestick and to polish it with the shavings while its rotation. To then apply your preferred completion while its distiller went up on the lathe. I employed the principal completion of Behlen Woodturners (19).

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