Drilling The Candlestick Right

To drill then a 1″ hole exactly in the center. Which you?ve obtained now is a guide T-formed with the ?whole functioning by the top of T. Adjustments of this guide of drill in the slit on the top of the gauge which you built to lead a slit in the base of the candlestick. By the gauge always in place, to identify the center of the slit which you led in the base. To very carefully measure the center (because there?s not much of material on the top and the bottom of the base at the edge) and to use an awl to punch a hole in the central mark.

To place a 1″ little of nail at head lose-point in a drill and to upwards slip the guide of drill on the little. Put the point of brad in the central mark and to slip the guide in bottom of little and in the slit on the top of the gauge. To smooth the lower part with another Whew gauge is the work of turning more. To remove the gauge and to take the candlestick out of the turn. To turn now more and that do you see? Five holes in the content of the base; an ugly disorder. You?ve obtained some options to treat the holes. You can leave them; you can stick the felt to the bottom to hide them (hmmmm); or you can build another very simple gauge to eliminate them.

Carry sick number 3 of catch; I prefer a glance more finished even on surfaces which seldom, if ever, being considering. Still, by using goods of sheet (“MDF” was my choice because it would not disturb the finished edge of the base); I cut a piece which was 12? X 15?. I also cut a piece of? cardboard to the same size and stuck together them.

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