Does The Wii Even Come Close To The Ps3 And 360

If you are interested in the new Nintendo Wii you should be pretty excited about the cost of the unit. No, you are not going to get it for only a few bucks, but all in all when you compare Wii prices to other units you are most definitely getting a good deal. The Nintendo Wii does not hit stores until November 19, 2006, but with that being said the suggested retail price has been released. The new Wii is going to be priced at $249.99 in the United States. It is safe to say that this low price alone will draw in a lot of customers who do not want to shell out big time money for other gaming systems.

If you compare Wii prices to the Playstation 3 that is also being released in November you will notice one very important thing. The price of the Nintendo Wii is $300 less than that of the new Playstation. That is right; you can buy two Wii units for less than one Playstation 3. With that in mind, it is going to come down to which unit the majority of gamers feel is the better value. Even though you are paying more if you buy the Playstation it does not necessarily mean that you are getting a better deal. It is safe to say that the consumer will decide on what is better over the next few months. This is especially true due to the fact that the holiday season is among us.

Another competitor that you may want to compare Wii prices to is the Microsoft Xbox 360. When the Xbox 360 was released it came at two separate price points; $299 and $399. The higher priced version came with all of the bells and whistles that most gamers were looking for out of a new system. And even though the Xbox has been around for more than a year, prices still remain higher than that of the new Nintendo Wii.

So as you can see when you compare prices of all the systems the Wii comes out on top time and time again. Not only does the new Wii beat competition such as the Playstation 3, but it also competes quite well against older systems such as the Xbox.

The bottom line is that you can compare Wii prices to any other system, and the one from Nintendo comes out on top time and time again. It is obvious that when Nintendo started to draw up plans for its seventh generation game console that they took price into consideration. They figured that if they could offer the best features at a low price that they would come out on top.

Time will tell if the new Nintendo Wii is priced correctly. One thing is for sure. Nintendo will win over a lot of customers for the pure fact that there price is up to three hundred dollars cheaper than the competition. In a comparison of gaming system prices, the Nintendo Wii comes out on top in the end.

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