Dish Network Incentives

Dish TV provides its customers with an amazing quantity and variety of programming and all the latest fun, convenient technology to maximize the viewing experience. In fact, with a selection of over 800 channels, Dishnetwork offers the most options out of any television provider. Dishnetwork offers all the benefits of satellite television like fully digital broadcasts, a great HDTV selection, and low prices. To make the deals even better, Dish Network is offering free equipment and installation to new customers, plus extra incentives like free DVR or HDTV (High Definition) receivers and rebates depending on the package you choose.

If you are used to a limited selection of cable channels, you will initially be overwhelmed by the number of choices you have through DishTV . For most families, the America’s Top packages are a perfect blend of programming choices and value. Whether you opt for the 60, 120 or 180 channels, you will receive tons of news, sports, kid’s networks, comedy, education and religious programming. With the larger packages you receive not only more great channels like Encore and MSNBC, but you also can take advantage of SIRIUS satellite radio for the best music and talk radio programs. If you want premium movie channels like HBO, Starz, Cinemax, and Showtime, you can add them to any package or purchase America’s Everything Pak which combines the Top 180 with all 4 premium movie packages. And sports fans will like the option of adding their regional sports network to the Top 60 package or adding a subscription to special shows like NHL on the Ice. Plus, Dishnetwork has the largest selection of international programming with a selection of 20 types including African, Armenian, Greek and Israeli.

If you love the idea of bringing the latest technology to your television screen, you will be thrilled with Dishnetwork’s equipment selection. With 29 HD channels, DishTV has the largest and most diverse HDTV selection available. Plus, it is easy to upgrade your standard-definition receiver to the HD models that can support both standard definition and high definition programming. Once you have the HD receiver and an HD programming package, you can have an experience similar to a theater in your own home. Whether you opt for HD programming or a normal package, you can also get the benefits of a DVR. DVRs put you in control of when you watch your programs by making it easy to record your favorite shows and letting you pause and rewind live television. It is even possible to watch one show while recording another so you don’t have to choose between two equally appealing options. DishTV receivers also come with the option of two tuners, which lets you use one receiver to independently operate two separate televisions. Even the most basic receiver gives you features like an electronic program guide that shows you channel listings for up to 9 days in the future and other benefits like parental controls and interactive TV.

When you switch to Dishnetwork , you will enjoy the largest channel selection and highest quality receivers. And, with all the money you will save by switching to Dishnet , you can even upgrade your system to give you even more options. Switch to Dish Network and find out why it is the fastest growing TV company in the nation. Start now. Switch to the best.

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