Different Types Of Displayed Art

Displays are everywhere, and everyone is surrounded by them. Window displays are probably the most obvious. People are become mesmerized by the displays in the windows. Window shopping ? studying the displays ? has become a wonderful habit. Not only does it allow for a little bit of exercise, but it also allows the studious shopper to compare prices and articles. Intended as a sales tactic, these windows are also entertaining. In fact, in larger cities, windows have entertained passersby with live entertainment as part of the display!

Another type of display is public affection. Whether it is holding hands, a kiss on the cheek, or an all out make-out session, public displays of affection (PDAs) can sometimes cause different reactions in the public eye. The holding of hands, a tender kiss on the cheek or a quick ?hen peck? are much more open to acceptance than the PDA of grasping and groping and tongue-in-mouth kissing. This particular type of PDA is usually not accepted by the general public as acceptable public behavior. Therefore, if you are engaging in a PDA, be sure to stop at the ?hen peck? or be ready to face the consequences of public reaction.

Holidays bring displays of varying types. They bring displays of light, symbolism, and tradition. For example, at Easter we see displays of the cross, lilies, bunnies and chicks. At Christmas, we see a multitude of lights, decorated trees, wrapped gifts, and poinsettias. All of these are displays. During the holidays we often see many types of light displays.

Displays we pass without much consideration are the hardware purchased by stores and shops to hold their merchandise. These displays may be enclosed in glass, have glass shelves or be made entirely of glass. They may be made of peg board with varying lengths of metal from which to hang merchandise. Displays can be made of wood with wooden shelving or be a shelf only. How many times have you ever even considered the display that the merchandise was on?

End-caps are those lovely shelves turned to face the customer as he/she is turning an aisle. Not only do they hide the meeting of the two outside displays, they hold all sorts of treasure. End-caps usually hold sale or clearance items. These items tend to draw our attention and get purchased more easily than regular items. Why? The display!

As humans, we have put everything on display. Animals, objects and even other people. Any historical museum will show just how far we will go with our displays. There are so many types of museum that anything on this earth can be found in one. In fact, there are museums which house materials not of this earth ? moon rocks, moon dust, artifacts from the moon landing, etc.

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