Designer Cufflinks: Wearable By Design

It seems to you you’ve spent half your life waiting to see Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, “Mona Lisa” in person. You have read virtually every book and article about the mystique surrounding the work. You saw “The da Vinci Code” thirty times, which is probably a world record. On several occasions, you have burnt the midnight oil studying reprints of the artwork. Now here you are — in Paris’ Louvre Museum, standing in front of one of the world’s most famous artworks! Your eyes zoom in on the magnum opus like a microscope, examining the details of the painting, inch-by-inch. You realize that something is wrong with Mona Lisa’s smile, but you find it hard to put a finger on it. Then, it hits you what the problem is. Her mouth is missing! A detail missing from such a masterpiece is like a formal outfit without the perfect designer cufflinks.

More than Mere Details
The brilliance of artwork masterpieces is in the details. In another of da Vinci’s works, “The Last Supper,” the artist includes extra details of the background, which provide the work with increased depth and realism. Each of Jesus’ apostles displays a different reaction to their leader’s words. In addition, Michelangelo needed four years to complete the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which includes one of his most renowned works, “The Creation of Adam.” The artwork meticulously shows the artist’s familiarity with the human body. Similarly, while a man’s formal outfit might not take four years to complete, its designer cufflinks must be chosen carefully to make the ensemble a masterpiece. The set of cufflinks puts the finishing touch on a work-in-progress that includes a shirt, a suit, a belt, socks, and shoes.

Shaping Up to Be a Masterpiece
In painting, the use of shapes is one of the numerous methods to perfecting details. For instance, some medical experts have indicated that in “The Creation of Adam,” the shapes and figures behind God form a human brain. If this were true, it would reveal the artist’s mastery in manipulating objects in artwork, to create shapes of other known objects. Also, in Georges Braque’s “Woman with a Guitar,” the artist expertly uses cubism to create his unique yet effective portrayal. Likewise, designer cufflinks can come in limitless shapes, from simple oval and square, to palm trees and faucets.

Mass Media
As important as the painting itself is what the painting is painted on. Masterpieces can be created using numerous media, including watercolor, pastel, oil, ink, fresco, and acrylic. For example, Claude Monet painted “Woman in the Garden” using oil. While Michelangelo’s artwork on the Sistine Chapel was done using frescos, in modern times, perhaps he would have used his talent to create the newest CGI animation blockbuster. In the same way, designer cufflinks can contain an array of materials, including fine stones, silver, gold, and even diamonds!

Soup and Superheroes
Finally, remember that details on a medium create the big picture. When an artist sits down in front of a white surface, his imagination alone limits what he can create. Vincent van Gogh painted sunflowers. Andy Warhol painted soup cans. Edvard Munch painted a screaming dude with a very bad hair day. In choosing designer cufflinks, the sky is the limit! Basic designs include your first name’s initial or naturally paired words. If you feel a little more expressive, go for the superhero or sports team logo. If you want truly wacky designer cufflinks, choose the telephone or acorn models.

A masterpiece does not happen by mistake. It requires great vision, planning, and attention to detail. Designer cufflinks are the same. A lot of vision, planning, and attention to detail go into their selection. It’s all worth it, however, because designer cufflinks make each suit you wear a singular modern masterpiece.

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