Decoupage Is An Art Based On Good Old Scissors

In the decoupage process, after applying the gold/silver leaf, leave it for 24 hours before sealing. Many books recommend that you shellac after gilding. If you don’t have shellac on hand, you may choose to opt for your sealer. Decoupage is an art which is mainly done using scissors, but experts use other different stuff to enhance their work. Like using paper punches, quilling strips or stickers. But note that you do not use all these ideas in any competition because usually there are certain rules in any competition which would not allow you too use other forms of art in your decoupage project. But definitely when it comes to gifts and sales items, anything is permissible that you want to use.

Stickers can also be used to decoupage your object. But since they are thick, you will need to apply loads of varnish on them to make your work smooth. They can ideally be used on coasters and tablemats.Even quilling strips can be used in this craft. Quilling strips are available in many colors, even in metallic gold and silver colors. These are easily available with the traders who are into supplying card making materials. Its fun to use them especially the metallic ones and they truly look wonderful when used for framing pictures in boxes or making borders around the edges.

The paper must not have any dust flakes or grit on it. If required paint the paper and leave it for 24 hours to get dry before start. Ensure that it has a slight friction like kind of a bit sanded so that the gum sticks to it properly. It’s recommended not to decoupage any object before you prepare that object perfectly. First thing required is it should be dry. Then you may need to clean any dirt on it, or you may need to paint it or seal it. The surface may also require a bit of sanding.

You can also create 3D effect decoupage. For this you will first need to cut many copies of the same picture and then with the help of double sided adhesive foam strips, pads, glue dots or silicone glue create different layering thus giving a 3D effect. Note that the layers are not same in size but they get smaller as you move on.

If you are a new comer, you would be advised to use foam pads and glue dots since these are easier to use but to give your work a real touch you must use silicone glue. In case you are a new comer, to assemble your artwork nicely and at the same time easily, you must print each layer of your pattern separately with only the detail needed for some particular layer. Newcomers should seek lessons from craft teachers such as Papa Christopher Freville, Idaho and Julie-Ann Sharman, British Columbia.

When you decoupage an object, first of all, the base surface of the project is covered with the largest layer and then you move on with each of the successive layers to finally finish up the object. Note that the first layer is the largest and as you move on the layer’s size diminishes. Beginners are advised to number each of their layers before actually assembling them in to the project. Creating decoupage of objects from similar pictures can also be done but its a bit tricky task because for this you got to know which portions of the image would be removed from each successive layer.

Use some shaping tool or your finger to give the finished product some real natural look. Like you can curl up the petals of the flower to make it appear more round and real. To give the project a glossy effect, apply a coat of varnish on it. This may not be because since some papers are naturally lustrous.

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