Decorating For Special Occasions

Decorating your home and office for special occasions can sure warm up your holiday celebration environment, not to mention add fun to your holiday activities. But in order to avoid adding to much stress to your holiday event, you need to decorate at your own pace and don?t go overboard, putting a lot of time and effort into this, so that you can reap the most rewards ? and not stress.

To help, here are some suggestions for your own decorating activities. Take each one and make it unique to your own home or business and festive environment. For example, you might take the mantle display and add some coordinating fall-colored throw pillows or blankets to your couch plus light a pumpkin scented candle and your whole family room will have that special thankful (Thanksgiving) feel to it.

Suggestions to customize:

Mantle Display

The mantle over your fire place is the perfect place to decorate. For a simple display, arrange some pumpkins or decorative ornaments on the mantle along with a few candles. A fall or winter garland or wreath is also a nice touch above the mantle.

Seasonal Flower Arrangement

Stop by your local florist for some flowers in yellow or orange or order some from an online gift shop. Arrange them in a vase along with some greenery.

Yard Display

Decorate the front yard with a wooden figure or sign. For a little color, plant a few mums, either in the ground, or in pots and planters.

Special Gift Basket or Wreath

Purchase or make a simple grapevine wreath and / or gift basket and decorate it with seasonal leaves and miniature fruits or plants. Add a nice bow and place the basket on a center table and hang the wreath on the front door. A festive wreath is a great way to welcome your guests in. And a gift basket is a nice way to invite guests to enjoy a quick snack of fruits, crackers and candies.

Fruits & Veggies

You can make a beautiful arrangement by setting out some fresh fruit and miniature pumpkins and ears of corn. Look for yellow and purple varieties of corn for an authentic fall feel. Scatter them across your dining table, or arrange them in a bowl for a nice centerpiece.

Display Kids Artwork

Not only will your home be beautifully decorated, but you?ll be building your children?s self-esteem at the same time. Buy a few inexpensive frames and set them out or hang them on the wall. This is of course also a great way to display your child?s artwork year round.

Traditional Themes

There are quite a few ways to incorporate traditional themes like the first Thanksgiving in your decorations. Create a small scale version of this special occasion by setting out a few figurines of pilgrims and Native Americans. Complete the scene with a small table, some turkeys and miniature trees to show that the first Thanksgiving took place outside.

Check books from your local library for more ideas. And add some festivity to your home and business environment. Make your own or visit fun shops online. Decorating can be as simple as that!

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