Da Vinci Code : Real Or Fiction?

With the recent much reported legal case surrounding Dan Brown’s blockbuster thriller The Da Vinci Code, at last we can enjoy its most eagerly-awaited film debut, starring Tom Hanks, on release from May 2006.

Cracking The Code
So you’ve heard the conspiracy, read the novel, plan to see the film ? so what next? How about following in the footstep of Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu and crack the code with your own da Vinci Code trail. There are Da Vinci Code tours for conspiracy fans and for those who simply want to find the truth behind such books as The Holy Grail and The Da Vinci Code.

In Search Of The Facts
As one of the best tour activities, you can personally retrace parts of the story. See for yourself the rose line or learn about the true Knights Templar amonst other activities to broaden your insight into the phenomenon and arrive to your own conclusions.

If The Da Vinci Code is not your thing, don’t worry. There are many other adventures and new experiences you can choose from at Gate 14’s dedicated activity section which you can access via their links and resources area.

You only live once so make sure you get to experience the things you want and create a mind of memories that will stay with your forever.

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