Cutting The Candlestick Right

These holes are aligned with the fingers which are stuck in the funds of the four legs of the box. Initially I slip the base under the tube with the cable clamp which is stuck to the bottom of the base and slips then the box above the object. After I align the holes in the base with the fingers in the box and places both gathers, and then maintains the base with the table. Nothing moves. Before you place your gauge above the object, to close the headstock. You do not want your candlestick finished well turning in an extravagant way when you introduce your router in the base. To cut the slit where the handle will be assembled, to establish your router with ?a little right and? a casing of guide.

You’ll have to make some which measures to obtain your line depth right of cut. The cut should not be deeper than the point than you established on the face of the base when you rounded above the edge where it meets the beginning of the profile of dish. To now make a passage starting from the high part of the top of the gauge to the lower part of the top (24). To go in the other direction could make incline the gauge out of the index holes in the base. The handle is attached to the base of the candlestick with a finger. The next stage is to drill a hole in the center of the cut which you have right fact in the base to adapt to a short length of finger.

Let’s make a guide of drilling for this process – all the necessary that?s ?with right angle of a hard wood and a piece different of that?s 1? with far and 5/8? of hard wood deeply. Both should be between 2? and 3? long. I made with mine 2 ?, a comfortable size with work with. To stick both gathers with the higher piece covering the bottom by 1/8? on each side.

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