Crystal Gift ? A Gift For All Occasions

When it comes to gift giving, few items come close in popularity to a crystal gift. The versatility and affordability of crystal lends it to gift-giving of all varieties. Subsequently, you will often see crystal gifts on the bridal registries of many a newly engaged couple; and it?s no wonder. Dazzling and sophisticated, crystal can decorate a home with classic style or perform a variety of functions with a unique flair.

Nothing matches the versatility of the crystal gift. Crystal, because of its lead content, is softer and more pliable than glassware. Therefore, it can be cut and etched in a variety of creative ways allowing the manufacturer to give it simple, clean lines or distinctive and unusual cuts that throw light in a unique way. Also because of its lead content, crystal has a weight to it that glass does not, giving it a solid kind of elegance.

When it comes to giving a crystal gift, there are a variety of items from which to choose; you can opt for a functional crystal gift that can be used on a frequent basis; or you can opt for decorative crystal gift items that will add to the d?cor of the home.

Function crystal gift items include stemware that can be used for serving water, wine, champagne, and other cocktails. You can also find a beautiful array of crystal serving bowls perfect for use during a dinner party or celebratory occasion. A crystal gift of this kind can serve to not only brighten a table but also add a measure of elegance to any meal.

A crystal gift of the decorative kind could include such things as a crystal picture frame, crystal vase, or crystal lamp base. Because of its ability to refract light, a crystal gift can open up a room, giving it a bright, open quality. A decorative crystal gift can stay in a family for generations, serving to remind the receiver of a special time in their lives or the person who gave them this special gift.

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