Creating Masterpieces With Quilting Patterns

There are few among us who do not own a quilt; beautifully constructed, deliciously warm, and often chock-full of memories. The art of quilting has been in existence for generations; women spent hours making quilts to keep their families warm. Decades later the same quilts would be hung on walls as sentimental decoration; and even those quilts that are made today are used to add decorative warmth to homes. Quilting patterns have made the art of quilting possible for everyone ? providing a host of beautiful designs from which to work.

Today?s quilt makers often use events as inspiration, making a quilt for a new baby, a housewarming gift, or a special birthday celebration. The creation of these quilts, like that of their historic counterparts, requires patience, focus, and creativity. But when it comes to design, quilting patterns can offer suggestions ? and step-by-step instruction ? on making beautiful and inspiration quilts.

Quilt makers choose from literally thousands of quilting patterns available in fabric stores and online ? where quilting patterns are even available for free download ? based on their personal ideas for the overall look of the quilt. Or they can turn to quilting patterns for inspiration if they are not quite sure in what direction they want to go. Patterns range from holiday themes and baby themes to bold designs and flowery art. The choices are endless. Once the quilters choose their quilting patterns, they use it to walk them through each element of the design. In some cases appliqu?s can be sewn directly onto the quilt. Some quilters even choose to transfer favorite photos are artwork right onto the surface of their quilt.

Quilting patterns are available for any theme you could ever consider and some you wouldn?t have thought existed. Begin by choosing quilting patterns based on what you want to accomplish and then choose fabric and thread accordingly. The use of quilting patterns will save you quite a bit of time and allow you to systematically and efficiently produce a beautiful quilt you can admire for a lifetime.

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