Convert DVD to AVI

Today it is possible to convert DVD to AVI and also AVI to DVD format. These two tasks and many others can now even be performed with a single piece of video editing software.

AVI is a type of a video format which is commonly used today, and you can use a special piece of software called a DVD ripper to convert the AVI format into a DVD format with a single click.

Special Software for the Conversion

Most of the DVDs are high quality, and as a result of this are large in size. An average DVD can store 4GB of content. You can use special video software which converts the DVD content into an AVI or a MPG file with the same quality of the DVD but which takes up less space.

Software Has User Friendly Interface

Video software has a user friendly interface that will guide you through a step by step process of converting the DVD into AVI format. You should first insert the DVD into your DVD drive and then start the program. If DVD files are stored on the computer itself you can start ripping the files from the computer immediately.

Settings in Software

You can now make the relevant settings in the input setting dialog box as well as in the audio settings dialog box. In the output settings dialog box you can opt for settings as to whether to convert in AVI format or MPG format. You can even select the screen size, video format [PAL or NTSC], and audio quality level.

Compression Methods

Audio compression methods such as Lame MP3 can be used where the quality of sound is excellent and the size of the sound file is small. You can set the output settings in the export settings dialog box; you can also choose settings for display on widescreen monitors or normal monitors. Next is the setting for the max frame number. You can leave the other settings at their default value as these are mostly designed for use by professionals only.

Destination for Saving

You can then use the file menu to browse to the destination folder where you want the final AVI file to be saved. Then click on the record button and the process of conversion will begin. You can also use the conversion software to convert audio files from the DVD to MP# format or other formats such as FLV and MP4. The converted AVI files can then be save to your computer system or portable music player.

Use a Decryptor

You can also convert DVDs into small AVI files by using the split DVD option. Using this converts only the part of the DVD that you want to see. If an error occurs in converting into AVI format because of extra copyright protection, you can simply download a decryptor such as DVD decryptor and remove the protection.

Most of the software for converting DVD into AVI format is available at very reasonable rates – only professional video software like Pinnacle studio with extremely advanced functions and settings will set you back a few hundred dollars.

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