Collecting Dollhouses

It seems that people collect just about anything these days, from stamps to bottle caps to coins. Collecting is becoming a very popular hobby among people of all ages and from all cultures. Collecting is a wonderful hobby because it is timeless and represents various experiences for the collector. Most collectors remember where they were and how they felt when they found a rare piece for their collection, leading to many incredible moments and memories.

A large number of adults and children love to collect dollhouses. Dollhouses are available from various eras and can come in various sizes and types, making the possibilities for a dollhouse collection virtually endless. Collectors accumulate Victorian era dollhouses or rustic dollhouses, depending on their interest. Tudor dollhouses and complete miniature sets are also popular among collectors.

Dollhouses began as trophies in European society. Only the very rich had these miniature homes, most of which were stocked to the brim with miniature representations of adult items, such as tiny chairs and miniscule furnishings. Some dollhouses of this era were fully furnished and cost almost as much as a full-sized unit. This made collecting dollhouses a very lucrative industry, as it attracted the very rich and the very elite members of society.

Collecting dollhouses has changed through time, thankfully. No longer the exclusive property of the very rich, dollhouses now come in a variety of prices and types, making the collection process available to people of all income levels. There are countless stores and opportunities to collect dollhouses, too. The internet is a great place to get started when it comes to collecting dollhouses, as there are several discussion forums and internet chatrooms designed for the exclusive conversation of dollhouse collectors.

Reasons to Collect

People collect things for different reasons, of course. Collecting dollhouses is no different, as some people collect dollhouses for the enjoyment of it while others collect and create dollhouses for profit. There is a big market for dollhouses, so selling or re-selling dollhouses can be a lucrative business venture. This hobby can be turned into a serious enterprise and can actually make quite a bit of money.

Dollhouses and Other Miniatures

Of course, the dollhouse collector doesn?t just limit his or her collection to dollhouses. There are entire miniature towns that can be constructed and put together. Some people have entire rooms dedicated to a miniature version of a town or village. With shops, post offices, pubs, libraries and other buildings available in diminutive form, you can create your very own thrilling miniature town in your living room or in your study.

Get Creative

The majority of dollhouses available for collection come in kits. A kit contains all of the pieces and parts of the dollhouse, along with detailed instructions that inform the collector how to put the dollhouse together. There are many different ways to put a dollhouse together, of course, and the desire to be creative will impact how your dollhouse turns out and just how incredible a structure it can be. Collecting dollhouses is a great hobby for anyone of any age!

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