Collecting Artistic Glassware

Glass for all its fragile grace, reflective colors, and unique shapes, starts as nothing more than sand. And yet suddenly, with the addition of heat and the skilled labor of the glass blower, a treasure arises from the ashes. And while sand just blows away, the artistic glassware that is born from it can last forever. Collectors of artistic glassware are passionate and steadfast in their quest to find the pieces that will fulfill a sentimental desire or those that are considered a worthy – and profitable ? investment.

There are many collectors who choose their pieces based on color, design, country of origin, company by which it was made, or simple likeability. But, no matter what the piece, artistic glassware of all kinds falls into several classifications.

Beginning in the 1800s, and made through the end of the 1950s, art class is hand made artistic glassware. Because each piece was intricately done by hand, each was a one-of-a-kind piece; they are still very much in demand today because of their distinctiveness.

Carnival glass is artistic glassware made from 1905 through to 1920; this line is referred to as vintage carnival glass. Metallic salts were used in the making of carnival glass, resulting in iridescence evocative of Tiffany glass. Because of its affordable beauty, glass bowls of this kind were given as prizes at carnivals ? and hence the name was born. Contemporary carnival glass was a new line made in the 1960s in all new colors. Both the vintage and contemporary lines are in demand by collectors of artistic glassware.

An extremely well known type of artistic glassware is Depression glass ? glassware mass produced in the United States from the 1920s through the 30s. Its affordability and vast array of colors made it an in-demand bargain for American families.

Elegant glass began being made around the same time as Depression glass but was produced for a longer period ? into the 1950s – and was of higher quality. Its production began by machine and was finished by hand.

Collectors of artistic glassware are known to roam antique stores in search of period pieces. This can be a wonderful collection ? both in its beauty and its longevity; artistic glassware collections can be timeless family heirlooms for generations to share.

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