Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is cheesetastic and I can prove it. By featuring only a small cross section of Norris? all encompassing body of film work, it is easy to see why frame for frame Chuck Norris is the champ. Whether it is ethnic sidekicks or ass kicking contests, Norris wins them both.

Let?s look at Norris? 1990 effort Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection . He stars opposite Billy Drago as Ramone Coda, the film?s villain. Not only that but you also get John P. Ryan in a knockout performance as General Taylor whose first name is probably not Rip. If those headlining Hollywood names didn?t grab your attention, the movie also features Paul Perri as the lovable Major Bobby Chavez and the scene stealing Rick Prieto as Rita?s Killer. As far as the actual movie if you have seen any other Chuck Norris film you should know what to expect and need not for me to describe it. I will say for goodness sakes do not miss the cyanide chamber of Bobby Chavez, it will bring tears to your eyes. If you enjoy Norris you can?t really go wrong with this movie. It has everything for any Norris fan.

Another great example of Norris? work is 1979?s Force of One. Here we have Norris who has been hired by a team of undercover narcotics cops to aid in their investigation of a series of bizarre karate killings. It is usual Norris fare but this time actually got some known names. He stars opposite Clu Gulager, Ron O?Neal(a.k.a. Superfly) and Bill ?Superfoot? Wallace who was something of a sensation in the Martial Arts world at the time. The one scene not to miss is Norris? slow motion coke punch. You?ll understand when you see the movie.

Chuck Norris has several great films, this is just a small sampling of the wonderful things you can find in his movies. I celebrate the man?s entire catalogue.

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