Cassie?s Creepy Candy Store – Review

Cassie?s Creepy Candy Store by Sheila Sauvageau-Smestad is a 40-page storybook for children that will be a favorite for the Halloween season ? when candy is not only unavoidable, but is abundant. Halloween is also an appropriate time to purposefully gross out the kids, with humor and light-hearted fun.

The author employs a simplistic rhyming scheme and a good text flow for its readers, which will get the children uttering “EW!” and have a giggle or two. This is a very unique story line with strange and unusual goodies like Chocolate Spiders and Bloody Eyeballs that enrapture and delight children. Cassie?s Creepy Candy Store will work well for school or library reading kids groups as well. I definitely enjoyed the talent of illustrator Kelly Berg, who captured expressions, moods and emotions so gracefully and yet used a simplistic style. As an additional bonus, two fun games and an interesting treasure hunt adventure await children at the end of the book.

If you are looking for a book that will teach a useful moral life lesson ? this isn?t for you ? but what you will find is a light-hearted entertaining story. Cassie?s Creepy Candy Store is a book to be read just for the fun of it.

ISBN#: 0976773228
Author: Sheila Sauvageau-Smestad
Illustrations: Kelly Berg
Publisher: A Better Be Write Publisher

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