Candlesticks Adjustments

Traditionally I make small gifts of holidays for employees and members of family, so this year I thought that they would be single to give the hand-wrought candlesticks designed with a talent of Antan. My objective was to design a candlestick which could be really employed or just aimed like decoration. It should also be rather easy to make since my rate of production would be approximately 20 units. I turned two prototypes of which I could design and build a couple of the gauges which made the process much easier, more precise and less length.

This project covers the candlesticks themselves and the gauges which I had the practice to do them. I chose the mahogany tree for his color and workability, but any wood will be enough. My prototypes were turned off hard maple. The basic support is composed of three pieces: a base, a stick, and a handle. The base starts as 6? – place by 1? – thick piece. The stick is of the 2? – to adjust by 4 ?- long piece. And life of beginnings of handle as? – the thick piece whose the size finished is 1 ?diameter (only three sides are rounded). The finished support holds 5? large, and the low diameter is 5-3/8?. The base is frayed on the lower part and is bent on the face. The design of the stick includes cones, a nozzle of birds and pearls.

To prepare the for the action once the basic actions and of stick are dimensioned, flattened and adjusted, to find the center on the two sides of the base and the two ends of the stick (1). The handle can be presented and finished later. By using a compass, to draw one 5-3/8? ring on a side of the base; it will be the high side. To use an all for embracer centers on the two sides of the base and the two ends of the stick. One 3/8? piece of centers and catches of finger the base to the stick while sticking to the top (2). To throw one 3/8? little in the pressure drill and to drill a central hole on the basis on the subject ?of deeply. To cross then circular, maintaining the blade right outside the circle which you marked.

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