Business Groups – Market For Maximum Effectiveness

Business groups like the Chamber of Commerce provide many excellent marketing opportunities. The members of these types of business groups are all business owners and many of them will fit into your sweet-spot profile. What better way to get to know the decision makers in these businesses?

Maximize Your Exposure in Business Groups

Don’t simply join a business group and remain a passive bystander. To get the most out of your business group experience you need to get involved. Here are some tips:

When you join one of these business groups immediately make yourself known to the Executive Director, the office staff and the officers, as well as the people on the board.

Volunteer for a committee. This is an excellent way to meet and really get to know some of the local small business owners.

Speak at the meetings and events.

Exhibit and take out a little table at the next expo or event held by the business group. These are usually inexpensive and are a low risk proposition.

Send a direct mail to the business group members on the master list introducing them to your company and your services.

Invite the whole business group membership to seminars or events you are holding.

Attend and network at the business group meetings regularly; 8 or 10 a year is a good number.

There are no sure things but the active members of a business group, the board, and the committee chairs tend to be loyal to the inner circle of their fellow business group supporters. It?s almost like a fraternity or sorority.

The Bottom Line on Business Groups

The key to getting the most out of a business group is to be an active member. Keep your name in front of the membership. Remember to do your follow up. You want the business group members to know your name and think of you first when they have a computer issue. If you are patient and persistent your business group membership will pay off.

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