Bush And Blair Admit Mistakes In Iraq; Vow To Continue

Meeting in Washington, Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Bush took to the podium to admit that everything in Iraq has not unfolded as they had hoped but the President insisted, ?We’ve learned from our mistakes, and, if the past is any indication, we will continue to make them.”

Prime Minister Blair added, ?And you can be absolutely certain that we will continue to learn from them.?

Mr. Blair also commented on his trip to Baghdad, saying, “I came away thinking the challenge is still immense, but the food there is already better than in London, and I consider that a real sign of hope, not only for the rejuvenation of Iraqi society but as an inspiration to our own chefs to start reading cookbooks.?

President. Bush stated that, while he regrets the abuse by U. S. troops at the Abu Ghraib prison, those responsible had been given prison sentences themselves, however, not at Abu Ghraid. He noted that such justice would never have occurred under Saddam Hussein, because American troops would not have been there in the first place.

Bush also said he regretted some of the comments he made early in the war, such as his now legendary taunt to the terrorists, “bring it on.”

“I think in certain parts of the world it was misinterpreted,” the President said, ?but now I?ve learned how to express myself in a more sophisticated way. Today I might have said something like, ?Please, step onto the rifle range.??

Meanwhile, as if to taunt them, Osama Bin Laden immediately released another audiotape, in which he responded to their announcement, saying, ?I made some mistakes, too, and, as my years away from the comforts of wealth, like flowing silk robes and shish kabob made with prime lamb meat, mount up, I?m beginning to think my first mistake is that I permitted myself to be born. Since it?s too late to remedy that, I assume that I, too, will continue to make mistakes, so catch me if you can.?

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