Bringing In The Noise – Home Theatre Speakers

While there are many different things that go into building the perfect home theatre system, and many different ways of putting one together, all of them have one thing in common: amazing speakers that can the room in a rock song, or catch that creaking door in the horror movie you’re watching via surround sound. Whether you’re looking at a quality TV or an actual projection screen theatre, any and every model requires good speakers to carry the sound.

There are many different types of speaker systems that you can use in a home theatre. One of the most important things to know is that the higher the watt and ohm of the speaker, the greater the sound you get. The quality of volume and how much you can push the envelope is limited only by the patience of the neighbor most likely to call the cops.

There are so many types of speaker systems that literally hundreds of articles could be written on the subject. While well recognized brand names can put out great speakers and speaker systems, pay attention to the less well known brands, as well, because some of those speakers may be just as good, and several hundred dollars cheaper.

When choosing out speaker systems, don’t forget the surround sound! One of the best effects of a home theatre speaker system is when the surround sound is perfectly attended to. This brings a dimension to movies most people have never experienced . . . since even many people with a home theatre system don’t have the surround sound set up appropriately.

When you are deciding on what theatre speakers to buy, keep the arrangement details in mind. The basic common home theater set up is a screen at one end of the room, one central speaker, one speaker flanking each side of the screen, two speakers providing surround sound on the left and right, and sometimes a speaker adding surround sound from the rear (absolutely great for either war or horror movies).

If you decide to arrange your room this way, chances are good that you will have excellent sound added to your home theatre system, and this makes speaker placement relatively simple if you are in a large room without much confusion. In the ideal situation, the front speakers are the same height from the ground, usually either slightly above or slightly below the display, and the surround speakers should be at least one and a half feet above the heads of the viewers. A lot of people mess this detail up.

The decision on home theatre speakers is an important one, especially if you want to be oriented towards movie watching. A DVD of a movie such as Braveheart is amazing when you can hear each individual bow string twang, and the sound of arrows displacing air. When the surround sound is on at full blast all over the room, that’s an experience you don?t soon forget, and neither will your all your friends gushing about your system to everyone they know!

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