Bored? 10 Pastimes To Entertain Yourself, Part 2

Many people don?t like the drudgery of cleaning. Yet it is needed, and life can be pretty miserable if it isn?t done. When bored, you can use this as an opportunity to go clean something you?ve been putting off. This also applies to home improvements and maintenance.

In this modern day and age, there are vast resources available at the touch of a button. You can look up something you?ve been curious about. Such as the world?s biggest ant bed or the tallest mountain in Antarctica. Much like children can enjoy browsing through an encyclopedia, the internet has free books, encyclopedias, magazines, comics and obsessive nerds who have no life, but who want to make their knowledge of their obsession available to anyone who reads it. We should take advantage of this wealth.

One of my friends knits, and insists that this is the perfect thing to do while bored, as it is both entertaining and productive. It requires dexterity and concentration, as it is annoying to find you?ve made a mistake that requires undoing a sleeve to repair, and yet, when you?ve completed a task, you have a physical result that you or someone else can use.

Another option is to simply give up and take a nap. Some of us simply don?t get enough sleep, and should take the opportunity when it is available. Sleep rarely does any harm, though you shouldn?t sleep so much that you knock your regular sleep schedule out of whack.

Finally, if you are having issues with lack of enough things to do, get out. Go somewhere and there are other alternatives available. Make a picnic, take a hike, go to the mall, or visit the beach. There are essentially unlimited possibilities out there, requiring only that you go in search of them.

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