Bob Seger Tickets – A Legend Returns To The Stage

Bob Seger tickets have been available in some form or fashion for decades, and his brand of storytelling rock and roll has captured the hearts and ears of fans of all ages. Seger has been perfecting his craft since the 1960?s, and he?s back on stage for another tour. A look at Seger?s life will shed some light on how he became a musical icon.

Early Life

Robert Clark “Bob” Seger was born May 6, 1945 in Detroit. Seger lived in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn until he was six years old, and then moved to the college town of Ann Arbor. Seger?s childhood had its share of bumps, as his father left the family and moved to California when he was 10. Seger stayed with his mother and attended schools in the Ann Arbor area.

Seger discovered his love for music early in life, and he grew up listening to the sounds of Detroit in the 1960?s, which included the likes of all the Motown classics as well as ?power groups? of the time. His range of listening choices was wide, but Seger soon honed in on the style for which he would become known.

Seger started in the music business in the 1960?s, and he began by performing with small-time local bands in Ann Arbor and Detroit. However, Seger soon discovered that he wanted to expand his offerings, and he struck up a business relationship with manager Eddie “Punch” Andrews that continues to this day. Seger and Matthews began to put together bands, and Seger himself attempted to move beyond the Midwest.

Ultimately, Seger formed what would be seen as his greatest band, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, an effort that began in 1974. Seger was known as a workaholic, and Bob Seger tickets became a hot item. However, he could not shake the unwanted label of ?Midwestern Rocker,? even though he despised being pigeon-holed.

Album Success

Although Seger?s first few album releases pre-date his time with the Silver Bullet Band, his greatest commercial successes came after 1974. Even though his first few albums ultimately became classics, they were met with mixed reviews and did not sell well at the time. Seger?s music did not sell in huge numbers until his 1975 release of Beautiful Loser, which went multi-platinum. Since then, Seger has been a household name.

Overall, Seger has released more than 20 albums, and his overall sales of records numbers in the tens of millions, and this includes dozens of chart-topping singles. His album success culminated in 2004, when he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Over time, Seger has actually come to embrace his ?Midwestern Rock? label, as his act has inspired such artists as John Mellencamp. Seger is an avid patriot, and loves to speak and sing about core American values. Bob Seger tickets will not only introduce you to a legendary musical act, but will also inspire you in regards to his story of success.

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