Before Taking A Helicopter Flight Training

You always wanted to learn how to fly a helicopter right? Well, don?t just seat there in envy as you watch those normal people fly and enjoy flying. You have to take the first step to get yourself on the stick. You have to enroll on helicopter flight training. Don?t know how?

Here are the things you should know when you are considering enrolling for a helicopter flight training:

The cost.

Upon considering the idea of enrolling for helicopter flight training, the first question you should ask yourself is: Do I have the money? Since flight training involves expensive machine you have to pay to use, you need to make sure that you can maintain the cost. This is a long-term engagement so before you take flight training you have to make sure that you have enough resources up to the end. Meanwhile, there are flight training schools that offer financial assistance to trainees like you. You can search for this information on the training school site.

Finding and selecting flight training school that fits you.

Finding a flight training school may be easy. Here you should consider the cost, the proximity to your place, and the programs they offer. Selecting one involves more criteria.

When selecting a flight training school, it is not enough that you base it on the cost the program. Since you are the student and you are paying big time here, make sure that you check on the eligibility of the flight school you are considering. Weight the school on the criteria of maintenance capability, safety record, and pilot management. You should also talk to your possible flight instructor. Know if the instructor fits your personality. Remember that you will be spending many hours with each other so you better choose one who is fun to be with.

The flight medical certificate.

One important paper you should have if you want to fly is the flight medical certificate. Without it, you can never fly. There are 3 kinds of flight medical certificate: first class medical that is required for an Airline Transport Pilot, second class medical that is required to fly commercial, and the third class medical for private flying.

It is very frustrating if you have finished the training but failed to acquire any of these medical certificates so be sure about that you obtain one before the training.

Do your homework and research on all these 3.

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