April Fool?s trick

One of the best and funniest April Fool?s tricks was invented and played by me last year. I should say that my friend and me used to make fun of each other regularly on April Fool?s Day with varying success. That is my friend was on his guard and knew he should be ready for my dirty tricks, which made the task almost impossible to carry out.

Last year not long before April Fool?s Day Andrey returned from Canada, where he?d been on a business trip (both of us work as translators of English for one company but on different floors). On April 1st I called Andrey, having arranged beforehand that the telephone girl should interrupt our conversation in a couple of minutes and say that Mr. Andrey Polyarov has a call from Canada. After that she put him through with another telephone in our room, and I quickly answered it. I should say that to change my voice and create the effect of ?long-distance call? I wrapped the blower with a sweater and made use of loud speaker instead of receiver. A lot of people were standing still around me, excited that Andrey might recognize my voice. But their fears were groundless ? he had no smallest piece of suspicion!

I started speaking in English, my voice being loud and very formal:

–Is this Mr. Andrey Polyarov?

Andrey, a little anxious, replies:

–Yes, this is me? Who am I talking to?

–This is ?Otrinto? company, where on March 11th you ordered two commercial vending machines of a total value of 3,141 Canadian dollars?

-But I haven?t ordered any vending machines?

-Excuse me, is this Mr. Polyarov?

-Yes, this is me, but I haven?t ordered any vending machines, and I?m not going to pay anything. ? Andrey was starting to lose his patience. I went on insisting?

-I?m sorry but I have an order with your signature. By the way I remember you pretty well ? you?re a Russian, stout, baldish, speaking with accent, right?

-Right! But I repeat that I haven?t ordered these fucken vending machines?

-Sir, I should warn you that in case on non-payment within a reasonable time we?ll have to bring a legal action!

Andrey finally lost his temper, started yelling that he never knew any ?Otrinto? company, never ordered anything and that I could stick my vending machines up my ass?

The audience in our room couldn?t suppress a laugh, every word from underneath the sweater resulted in a burst of Homeric laughter. I was chuckling myself and couldn?t speak and play my role anymore. I tried to clear the air.

-Andrey, this is me, Denis, April Fool! ? but it was vain. Andrey was shouting that he knew no Denis. He wasn?t even realizing that I was speaking Russian to him?

Of course I could go on further, providing Andrey with the details of his appearance, passport number, address? That?s what I had planned actually, but as I say it was absolutely impossible as my last words weren?t pronounced but were gurgling through the choking laughter.

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