Airline Frequent Flyer Credit Card or Generic Miles Rewards Credit Card – Which is for You?

When posed with the question on which credit card rewards you should pick, there really is no standard answer. Reward credit cards offer different options that may work differently depending on the lifestyle of the card holder. Therefore, whether you should get an airline frequent flyer credit card or a card with generic rewards is really up to your personal spending habits and travel needs. In this article, let’s consider pointers for both:

Frequent Flyer Credit Card

When it comes to choosing a frequent flyer credit card, one thing you’ll want to consider is your traveling options. Do you have a particular airline that you prefer to fly with? In which destinations do you frequently most travel to? Naturally, it’s practical to choose a credit card that has affiliations with your own chosen airline and one that gives miles rewards to the places you frequently travel to. Usually, every brand of credit card has a partnership with one specific airline. Choosing a frequent flyer program that best fits your needs will enable you to make the most out of your rewards. Remember, when you choose a specific Flyer Miles Program, you are bounded to one particular airline or carrier including the travel privileges it offers.

Generic Miles Rewards Credit Card

Blue Sky? from American Express. Some people don’t have one particular carrier or airline in mind. Instead, they prefer to fly with an airline that offers the best rates. If you’re the type of person who prefers to shop around first for the cheapest travel fare for your travel, then you should definitely pick a credit card with Generic Miles Reward program.

Instead of affiliating with a sole airline company, there are credit card companies who offer generic miles rewards for clients. This option enables credit card holders to get their free ticket or purchase their ticket at a discounted rate at any airline company they prefer. However, the card holder must remember that a generic miles reward card cannot be used together with another frequent flyer miles program. You can’t combine the rewards you earn from both cards.

Making Your Choice

Yes, a frequent flyer credit card imposes different rules with a generic miles reward credit card. That is why it is important to weigh your options carefully before signing up for the travel reward credit card you want.

Other differences are the fees and costs involved for each card. For instance, a frequent flyer credit card is usually accompanied with an annual fee so don’t forget to check whether the annual charge is reasonable or not. Generic Miles credit cards most often don’t require an annual fee from its holders.

Finally, take the time in examining all the terms and conditions that will bind you to your chosen travel reward credit card. Make sure that you’ll be able to collect your travel points easily and that you can receive your miles rewards while still keeping your spending in control.

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