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I can probably speak for many when I say the Preston and Steve radio show is a local favorite. But, I would contend that they are probably one of the best morning shows in the country. How many radio shows do you know that have their own brand of ice cream, not many, if any. That’s right, Preston and Steve have an incredibly delicious ice cream flavor dubbed “Gadzooks”, check it out.

Not only is Preston Elliot and Steve Morrisson running a great radio show, they have the uncanny ability to take a simple phrase like “monkey pick a$$” (spoken with an English accent), and make it wildly funny to hear and acceptable to repeat.

The Preston and Steve show is aired locally on 93.3 WMMR, and can be hear around the world by steaming audio via, and Podcast. So if you are up to hear something funny on the radio, and are tired of Howard Stern claiming he invented everything, give the Preston and Steve show a shot. From “monkey pick a$$” to “Gadzooks” you wont be disappointed, and if you are lucky may hear some old street fighter sound clips.

Hope you enjoy their show.

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Vedic Astrology And Kaal Sarpa Dosh

What is Kaal sarpa dosha?
When two or more planets combine in one place this is called yoga ( combination ) . when this yoga produce inauspicious results in the life of a person we call it as dosha .
In a horoscope of a person when all the planets are hemmed between Rahu ( Dragons head ) and Ketu ( dragons tail ) the this dosha is produced . Ancient Indian Astrology is silent on this dosha and modern Indian astrologers are yet to finalise the existance of this dosha in a horoscope and results of this dosha .In this dosha all the planets are swallowed by Rahu and Ketu and person is in a grip of circumstances/environment and he finds nothing to success in life.
Ancient Scholers of astrology accepted this dosha but not much detail is available. Maharshi ( sage ) Parasher , sage Varahmihir ,sage Bhrigu, etc had accepted this dosha.Actually Rahu and Ketu are considered to be shadowy planets in vedic astrology . Astronimically they are two nodes in the orbit ascending node and descending node .Therefore they are able to create mysteries in the life of a person and person never hold the things in life as one can never hold the shadow.
There are 12 basic types of this yoga it can be innumerable as they produce variety of effects

here are some simple remedies according to indian Concept of worship and tantra . It is advised not to follow these remedies blindle better take the advice of the auther prior to apply
1. Worship of Lord Shiva on every monday
recite mantra – OM NAMAH SHIVAY 108 times daily
pour pure water by mixing little pure milk on Shiva Linga
( ie cylinderical stone calles shiva ling )
2 Apply sandle powder paste on fore head daily
3 Throw 4 kg lead metal in flowing deep water on Wednessday Evening or on solar eclipse or on lunar eclipse or on new moon ( amawasya )by applying carbon black (kaajal ) and mustard oil on it .
4 Keeping wings of peacock in home
5 wearing gems cats eye and hamsonite either in pendal or in rings made of five metals gold,silver. zipsum , iron coppers.
There are number of remedies to get ward of the inauspicios effects of This curse calles Kaal Sarpa Dosha
yes this yoga is benefic in many cases and if this yoga starts giving positive results then there is no limit of sky for those persons .
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The Game Plan ? For Your Next Tailgate Party

In order to prevent possible food borne illness, you need to have a strategy to keep food safe. Your game plan should include preparing your food for an environment where a stove, a refrigerator, or running water is not readily available. Make sure you pack enough clean utensil for eating and serving the food. You may bring a thermometer along to make sure the food you server is cooked thoroughly. If you serve uncooked meats harmful bacteria can cause serious illness.

Make sure you keep the food hot. Do not eat hot take-out food more than two hours after purchase. It is best to chill the food in a refrigerator before packing for your tailgate party. To keep food like soup, chili, and stew hot, use an insulated container.

Fill the container pre-heated with boiling water, and let it stand for a few minutes. Once you have emptied the preheated food container put in the hot food. Keep the insulated container closed to keep the food hot (140 ? F or above) for several hours.

Bring perishable food like hamburger meat, sausages, and chicken in an insulated cooler packed with several inches of ice, frozen gel packs. Other perishable cooked food such as cooked sausages, pasta, and potato must be kept refrigerator cold, too. When packing the cooler for a tailgate party, make sure raw meat and poultry are wrapped securely to prevent their juices from cross-contaminating ready-to-eat food. Actually, it is best to keep raw meat and poultry in a separate icebox from other foods.
If there is no drink quality water, bring water for cleaning. Also, bring wet disposable cloths for cleaning hands and surfaces.

At your next tailgate party make sure you keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Bacteria multiply rapidly between 40 ?F and 140 ?F. Avoid leaving food in this ?danger zone? more than 2 hours (1 hour when the outside temperature is above 90 ?F). Cook meat and poultry completely.

Many people have so much fun at tailgate parties that they never make it into the stadium to see game. Regardless of when and where you eat the food you brought to the party, it doesn?t mean it?s safe for the food to stay unrefrigerated. Store food in the cooler as much as you can and only leave it out briefly while serving. Cook only the amount of food that will be eaten to avoid the challenge of keeping leftovers at a safe temperature. Do not consume any leftovers that are not ice cold after the game.

Security Services in London.

If the businesses hiring the security company do not feel they are getting good service then you can expect they will be much more open to the next security company sales person who offers a slightly lower price for the same basic purported services.

Your security company holds a great deal of responsibility and if your instincts are telling you that they are not the right company for the job, it is time to begin an intensive search for a new home security company.

Of course all this makes perfect sense to you and yet you are asking how can we improve customer service? You can also offer to meet with the owner of the company or branch manager every two-weeks and see if everything is fine or if there are additional needs to be addressed and if so take those items and put them inside the security vehicles assigned to that site or on the clip board of the usual driver or security guard.

With all the attention given to security these days it?s no wonder that we are driven to reassess the most elementary of security measures ? that which is found in our homes. A comprehensive security service will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you?ve done all you can to ensure the safety of your family.

For information on finding a security service that meets the requirements that are important to you, the Internet can be a great place to start. Be sure to research each company comprehensively to learn their rates of success and any customer complaints that may have been waged against them. Sometimes finding the appropriate security service is as simple as walking right next door. Talk to your neighbors that are currently using a service to see what kind of experiences they?ve had with particular companies.

Mayfair Staff Solution will provide well trained, SIA licensed and professional static guarding for all your on-site security requirements, whether for retail, commercial or industrial premises.

A uniformed static security officer from Mayfair Staff Solution will deter theft and vandalism, as well as reducing the potential damage from other risks such as fire and flood. Mayfair Staff Solution Officers can also undertake other duties such as janitorial, caretaking, reception, stock control and administration. Static guards can be employed on a flexible basis so your business is protected when it is most at risk.

All officers receive rigorous training and are subject to continuous on site supervision and random inspections.

Work At Home Options For Creative Individuals

Business opportunities these days come in many different forms. Some individuals choose to work in a 9 to 5 office setting whereas others decide to work from home. For the latter group of individuals, there is a wealth of options available to these individuals. From online businesses to other non-computer related ventures, the possibilities are almost endless for those who want the freedom of being their own boss. For those who have a more creative ability, work at home options are readily available. The following will describe some work at home options for creative individuals to delve into.

Writing Articles for Websites

Individuals who have a creative ability in the form of writing may find that writing articles for website content is a great way to make a living. This is a wonderful work at home option as the individual has very little overhead and does not need a wide array of equipment in order to do the work. For example, those who engage in this type of work basically only need a computer, Internet connection and creative mind. The more time an individual has to complete the work, the more money they are able to make.

Make and Sell Arts and Crafts

For those who are creative in the sense of artwork and craft making, this too can lead to a good work at home business. No matter what your desired craft may be, i.e. jewelry, artwork, pottery, etc., if you can complete this type of creative work then you can build up a business for yourself. Once you complete the artwork or craft item, you may then sell it online, orchestrate home showings or sell it at fairs and shows. Again, the more items that you are able to produce, the more money you will be able to make in the end.

Create and Maintain Websites

If you are more technologically advanced and wish to complete work at home via a computer, another home business idea is to create and maintain websites. There are websites on almost any topic imaginable and if you have a specific niche that you are well versed in, this can lead to some good money overall. Add in some affiliate marketing and the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to how much money you can bring in on a monthly basis.


Woodworking is another work at home option for the creative individual to consider. If the thought of crafting a wooden bench or exquisite wooden table makes you shrug your shoulders and say “No problem”, then this may be a good business venture to consider. When completing this type of work, you can either make the items and then try to sell them or find customers first who want a certain product completed and then do the job.

In conclusion, yes you can make money fast at home with business opportunities. It is still going to take skills, and is still going to take a lot of work, but if you’re willing to learn how to do that it can work for you as well.

What?s New In Fine Furniture? Fine Furniture Married With Innovative Television Lifts.

This year?s 1 featured furniture is the exciting designer?s choice, beautiful, breathtaking furniture married with a television lift to hide and protect your new LCD TV.

Whether in the bedroom at the foot of the bed, against a wall or as a room divider, there is an automated furniture design for everyone?s taste. Exquisite handcrafted buffets with plasma TV?s inside for the dining room. For the living room, tuck your TV away in a cabinet of true artistry, woven with state-of-the-art design to create a one-of-a-kind elegant piece to satisfy anyone?s special needs. For home theater there is no limit in design for this furniture and your experience can be like no other.

If you have a home office or work in the corporate world, you can incorporate your plasma lift cabinet to blend in with your furniture theme for a professional presentation that will definitely land you that new client.

Wealthy people as well as exclusive hotels have been utilizing television lift technology for some time. Each piece was exclusively bench made by Old World Craftsmen at a handsome price. Every handcrafted design was a conversation piece for the owner. Trace McCullough, a true visionary, realized that pop up TV cabinets would be the wave of the future for upper middle class America and created a company to design, produce and manufacture this product in a more cost effective manner while maintaining the standards of Old World Craftsmanship and design.

Automated furniture can now be purchased at a much more affordable price. From a sleek modern design to a traditional design in a wide variety of styles to suit any room d?cor. Each piece having a rich, luxurious finish that is hand applied for a durable, brilliant appearance that will last for many years to come.

Some tips for choosing pop up TV cabinets:

?Choose the right company to purchase your plasma lift cabinet from. Don?t pick the local carpenter or your friend next door that does woodworking for a hobby. There is a lot involved in making pop up furniture correctly and safely. Choose a company that has experience and many satisfied customers. Check the company?s statistics for the amount of television lifts they have actually made.

?Choose a company that incorporates a rack and pinion lift which operates by remote control. This will ensure smooth, quiet, safe operation of your TV lift furniture for many years to come.

?Make sure the company you choose can deliver Old World Craftsmanship as well as a rich durable finish as this will be a piece of furniture that you will keep much longer than your TV. Make sure it is finished on all four sides so you can position it anywhere you choose.

?Check to see how many components you have and make sure the style of plasma lift cabinet you choose will accommodate your components. Ensure you have infra red repeater technology that will allow you to control the DVD and cable box while the component door is closed.

?Another essential for choosing your company is to make sure your TV lift furniture is easy to assemble when it arrives at your doorstep. Plug and play is the best. You want to be able to immediately enjoy your new ?toy? without unwanted hassles of assembly.

Contact Trace McCullough of Cabinet-Tronix for more information regarding television lifts at 1-866-876-6199 or visit their website at As the premier company in designing, producing and manufacturing pop up TV cabinets, they will be happy to help you with any questions you have.

Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry Is Absolutely Magnificent

Examples of turquoise jewelry have been found that date back to ancient Egyptian times. The famous burial mask of Tutankhamen as adorned with turquoise and there were many other pieces of turquoise jewelry found in his tomb. There have also been numerous pieces of Aztec turquoise jewelry that have been discovered. These ancient cultures appreciated the beauty of this blue-green mineral. Throughout history, other cultures produced turquoise jewelry and other items that incorporated turquoise. The native Indians of America have made use of this gem throughout the centuries it is still considered an essential part of their colorful heritage.

Turquoise jewelry is a wonderful gift for anyone, but it is especially appropriate for anyone born in December. This is because the gemstone for December is traditionally turquoise. It is an extremely versatile mineral and can be set into silver earrings or elaborate 24-carat gold necklaces. There are different grades of turquoise and it is possible to buy a piece of turquoise jewelry for only a few dollars. Of course, the value of a piece of turquoise jewelry depends on the quality of the stone used, the amount and also the value of any other stones that are in the piece.

As turquoise is not a naturally hard mineral. This does make it easier for the gem to be cut to fit any type of turquoise jewelry. A hardening process is used to help protect the mineral once it has been cut to the desired shape and size. The most expensive forms of turquoise are those that require the least amount of hardening treatments. This does, however make it more difficult to use them to form turquoise jewelry, as it is easier for it to break. The lower grades of turquoise require a lot of hardening and waxing before they can become pieces of turquoise jewelry and are less sought after. The color of the turquoise also has an impact on its value. If a piece of turquoise jewelry comprises a piece of sky blue turquoise then its value is going to be far higher than a piece that utilizes greenish-blue and speckled turquoise.

Due to the fragility of turquoise, special care needs to be taken when wearing a piece of turquoise jewelry. It is also extremely vulnerable to damage from solvents as it is a phosphate mineral. Special care needs to be taken to avoid any turquoise jewelry coming into contact with perfume, skin oils and chemical cleaning fluids. All of these can cause deterioration of the color and shine of the turquoise. Perfume, cosmetics, sunscreen, and hairspray need to be applied before you put on a piece of turquoise jewelry to lessen the potential damage that may be caused to the gemstone. Direct sunlight can have an extremely detrimental effect on turquoise as it causes it to fade and dry out which makes it more brittle and easier to break. Always clean turquoise jewelry with a soft cloth to remove any build-up and store in a separate box from harder gemstones to prevent scratching.

The Rules Of Magic

Magic is all about performance and creativity, so the rules of magic are extremely limited. But having said that, it’s vital that you follow the rules that do exist, as they’re designed to maintain the mystery and credibility of magic.

Break one of the four rules that follow and you’ll waste the hours of practice that you’ve put in to perfect the tricks that you perform. Oh yes, hours of practice are required to make magic tricks look convincing. That’s the fourth rule of magic, but we’ll come to that in a moment.

1) A Magician Never Reveals How A Trick Is Done

If you do a trick well, people will ask you how you did it. It’s guaranteed. But a magician never tells, because the moment someone knows how a trick is done, the mystery vanishes.

So resist the temptation to spill the beans. If necessary, perform another trick to take the pressure off, because the moment people know your secret, the time you took to learn the trick is effectively wasted.

There is of course one exception to the rule.

If you know someone who is genuinely interested in performing magic, and you can trust them not to spread the secret, give them all the encouragement that they need.

After all, new generations of magicians need to learn otherwise the secret of magic would die out.

2) Find The Right Audience

Your magic will have the greatest effect when you find the right audience. If people aren’t in the right frame of mind your efforts will be lost on them. So don’t just accost people at random and start showing them card tricks.

The best situation is when people ask you to show them some magic.

And once you find the right audience, don’t hit them with trick after trick after trick. If you do that, they’ll lose interest and the magical effect will be lost.

It’s a fundamental rule of showbusiness – Always leave your audience wanting more. That’s what creates part of the mystery that surrounds magicians. It’s just a case of learning when to stop, as some people have more of an appetite for magic than others.

3) Quality Is Far More Important Than Quantity

Who cares whether you can do 100 or 200 tricks! Most people aren’t ever likely to see you performing more than handful of different tricks.

So focus on a few of your favorite tricks and learn them to perfection.

Think about it. Would you rather see an amazing trick performed perfectly or a string of average tricks?

Just remember – A trick that isn’t perfect isn’t magic.

4) Practice, Practice, Practice

You’ve just learnt a new trick and you’re keen to see what type of reaction it creates.

But if you really want to amaze people with your magic, don’t even think about showing anyone until you can perform it perfectly every time.

And that means hours and hours of practice!

In fact some of the more complex, and therefore more spectacular tricks, might take weeks or even months of practice to get right.

And once a trick is perfect, practice some more.

Let’s face it, if you perform a trick before you’re ready, people will see through it and you’ll compromise all the hours that you’ve already spent learning how to do it.

So remain patient and keep practicing. And when you finally pull the wraps off your latest trick it will be worthy of the name, magic.

The Ins And Outs Of Eminem’s Relationships

In addition to Eminem’s rather introverted, serious, or self-contained side, he has a wild streak and urge for emotional freedom that breaks through erratically. Eminem craves both stability and excitement, and the conflict between these two impulses can make Mathers rather tense and irritable. However, they can also balance one another. His more free and unpredictable side will now be described.

He is uninhibited and spontaneous and will often do something unexpected or humorous in order to loosen people up and get them out of their ruts. Eminem craves emotional stimulation, excitement, surprises, and anything new. Mathers also loves to feel free and unfettered.

His emotional tension could be quite strong and the pressure may seem unbearable at times. He may have a sudden desire to liberate himself from the stress and may release his tension towards women. Eminem could also feel lonely and depressed at times.

On the other hand, Eminem is quietly devoted and faithful to his loved ones, and often becomes a kind of servant to his love partner. Eminem is more comfortable showing love for someone by doing something for them, making something for them, or simply being there for them – rather than telling them so in a romantic, soul-stirring sort of way. He is timid about expressing too much sentiment or emotion. Eminem also underestimates his attractiveness and lovability and doubts his own worthiness to receive love and appreciation.

Eminem is attracted to foreigners, exotic places, traveling, and to people who can expand his horizons, teach him something, or show Mathers places and worlds he has never experienced before. Sharing a philosophy or ideal with his love partner is important to him. Also, Eminem feels love and kinship for people everywhere, not only with his own family, nationality, or group. Finding similarities and making links between people from differing backgrounds or with different perspectives is a gift of his.